The Results

A healthy, focused leadership team and organization that makes continual progress towards achieving everything in their vision.

Here’s what our clients have to say about their ExperienceNext!

“The EOS system is great.  It’s very simple and uses business tools that have been around forever.  The difference is that it teaches you to use them regularly and effectively so you can get big results with minimum time and effort.”

Trisha McFadden

Massage Heights

The best part about working with Jason is that he speaks from his own business experiences to give real-world examples of things that happen and ways to move forward. He does this in a way so that you can think about how it might be best applicable to your own business without telling you what to do. By using EOS I was able to identify the weaker parts of my business and establish a clear plan to work on them.

Lana Fox

Clinic Note

I now realize the importance of working ON my business, not in it. I gained tools, like the company scorecard, that have allowed me to track our progress as we continue to grow. Jason fostered an environment that allowed us to be vulnerable, creating a long-lasting support system as we experience the highs and lows that come with growing a business.

Having Jason share his failures and wins has guided me in growing myself as a business owner and avoiding some pitfalls.  The real-life experience and wisdom sharing have been invaluable.  And using EOS to identify core values and rocks has allowed me to focus on what really matters and grow my business.

Jessica Ledger-Kalen

Royale Concrete Construction

Jason has been a great resource as I grow my business because of not only his decades of experience in various businesses but also his candor with his advice.  He is very direct in what its going to be necessary to take down the biggest player in the market and what will need to be in place for that growth to be successful.

Colton Sleister

Sleister Music

Jason truly showed me how to work on my business, not in my business. EOS has provided a framework for me to align long-term objectives with quarterly, monthly & weekly goals. It’s given us the framework to relentlessly push forward towards a single vision. If you’re serious about growing your business, work with Jason & implement EOS for yourself.

Steven Brockshus

Farmland Finder

The leadership of Jason Berger made the experience, he leveraged real life examples to help guide us through challenges.

Mathew Rooda

Swinetech, Inc.

The VTO tool has made my business planning much more efficient.  Our meetings run smoother and we leave feeling more focused then ever.  And Jason’s knowledge across a number of industries has been hugely beneficial.  He has insight into most situations I could encounter as a business owner.

I started using EOS right as I was hiring people into my company and it was crucial for our success!  Jason’s people management and leadership experiences have provided fantastic insight that spans beyond simple business dealings.

Mitchell Hora

Continuum Ag

Jason truly understands the importance of a healthy relationship between a business owner and both their employees and customers.  That insight has given me a new perspective.